Spiritual Growth

Among the most important components to a successful marriage is the spiritual one. A husband and wife who grow closer to God also grow closer to each other. Learn more about faith and marriage…

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  • God’s Definition of Success

    The world has a different definition of success than God does. The world says success comes from financial prosperity, popularity, power and influence, relational happiness, intellect and education, giftedness, and strength and security. Let me be clear: We all want all of those things. Universally, we all strive for those things to some degree. There’s […]

  • Changing Insecurity

    We deal with our insecurities in different ways. As individuals, both Karen and I were insecure early in our marriage. The more insecure I felt, the more macho I acted. If you made me feel insecure, I’d puff out my chest and challenge you. But when Karen felt insecure, she’d almost try to disappear. She […]

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    Leaving a Legacy

    Whether it’s positive or negative, you are leaving a legacy for future generations. What will your legacy be? God wants to give you a dream to do something great to connect you with other dreamers.

  • MT12-15_JOE2

    Discover Your Dream

    Do you know the purpose for your life? God created you for a reason and He wants to reveal His plan to you. Begin to discover the true purpose for your life and how to put it into motion.