Sex & Intimacy

S-E-X. In marriage, few things are as exciting or dangerous. God designed us with a deep need for intimacy and a drive to connect, physically, with the opposite sex. A healthy sex life is vital to a healthy marriage.

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  • Four Intimacy Tips That Will Transform Your Marriage

    Intimacy means closeness on the inside, not just on the outside. If you’re going to have true closeness in your marriage, you have to be able to know each other and have unhindered access without fear. I think of intimacy in terms of the acronym INVEST: Intimacy Necessitates Value, Energy, Sacrifice, and Trust. Value is […]

  • Sexual Parameters within Marriage

    God created sex for two reasons. First, He wants us to procreate. Second, He wants us to experience pleasure in marriage. As we pursue the latter, we need to feel free to explore the realms of sexual pleasure while also knowing our boundaries.

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