New Marriage

Reality begins when the honeymoon ends. Combining two lives into one is often more difficult than many couples expect. From sharing finances to learning how to fight fair, we’ve been there, and we can help.

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  • The Importance of Male Leadership

    When I counsel men and women who are having marriage problems, one of the most common complaints I hear from wives is about husbands who won’t take the lead in their relationship.

  • Complain But Don’t Criticize

    This is the fourth and final installment in a series of articles I have been writing concerning conflict resolution in marriage. Right now I want to talk about the difference between complaining and criticizing. This is such a crucial distinction to understand when we are trying to work through problems. All of us need the […]

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  • The Reason for Relationships

    Are you more worried about what people say about you or what God says about you? Most people value their own happiness above God’s will. Today we will be talking about how to have relationships that encourage us and bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • We Need to Talk

    One of the key elements of every good relationship is giving each other the freedom to talk about any issue. In today’s program, Jimmy and Karen show how to lovingly confront others around us so that we can be confident in our ability to resolve conflict.