Hurting Marriage

No human relationship is closer than the one forged between a husband and wife. When that relationship is damaged, nothing hurts more. Find out how to handle conflict and find healing when your marriage is in crisis.

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  • Dealing With Pain the Right Way

    Pain has to be dealt with, one way or another. Left to our own devices, we always deal with it in the wrong way.

  • Grace and Truth: Two Extremes

    Sex should be a fantastic stress-reliever within marriage. But I’ve seen stress do the exact opposite: the anxiety it produces leaves one or both spouses exhausted and sexually unresponsive.

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    Diminishing Dominance

    When someone is dominant in a marriage it affects the entire family. Nearly every relationship has some level of dominance present. As we understand how dominance destroys intimacy, we can recapture the happiness and joy that we experienced at the beginning.

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    Daily Dealing with Anger

    Whether you have been married one day or fifty years, anger is inevitable. Even though it’s easier said than done, disarming anger can become a fulfilling and essential part of your marriage.