Healthy Marriage

What does a healthy marriage look like? And once we get there, how do we stay there? Find out the keys to creating and sustaining the marriage of your dreams.

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  • A Husband’s Greatest Need is Respect

    Sex is a gift God has entrusted to women, and gifts are not something you put on the shelf to admire

  • A Husband’s Greatest Need is Respect

    Two years into our marriage, Karen and I simply could not get along. We were young and immature. I was an emotional bully. She constantly belittled me. Neither of us was happy, and the way we spoke to each other made that clear.

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  • The Reason for Relationships

    Are you more worried about what people say about you or what God says about you? Most people value their own happiness above God’s will. Today we will be talking about how to have relationships that encourage us and bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Freedom from Fear

    When people marry they often don’t realize that they bring fears into the relationship. Whether it’s a fear of rejection or failure, fear can keep us from intimacy and satisfaction in marriage. Through understanding the impact of fear, any relationship can become even stronger.