Family Dynamics

A marriage is more than just the union of a man and a wife. It’s also a complicated merger of families. From raising your children to dealing with in-laws, find out how to navigate these often-treacherous waters.

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  • Priorities in the Blended Family

    In more than thirty years of counseling with blended families, I’ve learned that not every family is successful at “blending”—especially when it comes to the priorities of the marriage and children.

  • Let Your Husband Fail

    A man’s greatest need is to be honored, especially by his wife. Almost any woman is willing to honor a man who succeeds and is doing well. What separates a mature wife from the rest is how she responds when her husband fails.

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  • rti3

    Covenant Marriage

    Even though people desire to have a lasting marriage for a lifetime, many have become fearful of commitment because so many relationships are failing. It’s easy to ask the question, “Does marriage even work anymore?” The answer is yes, when we do it God’s way.

  • MT12-13_RTI5

    Daily Dealing with Anger

    Whether you have been married one day or fifty years, anger is inevitable. Even though it’s easier said than done, disarming anger can become a fulfilling and essential part of your marriage.