We became Rock Solid Partners in 1999 and have been blessed by the resources we have received each month. Over the years, our marriage has strengthened and we have shared the CDs, DVDs, and books with family members and friends. After several relocations, we recently moved to the DFW area and I (Chereyle) am now […]

“I have been contributing to MarriageToday for many years, even after becoming a widow. This has been one of the wisest investments I have made. I believe the only way we can turn the tide and impact the marriage crisis today is by the TRUTH of God’s Word being correctly and boldly proclaimed in every […]

I can’t tell you what an enormous difference you and your ministry have made in my life! My husband and I look forward to growing in our marriage as we take what God has given you to share with us and so many others around the world!

Ronnie and Kathy

I have been teaching a marriage relationship class every week at our church for 8 yrs. I am also a Rock Solid Partner. I glean much of what I teach from Jimmy.

Dennis from Missouri

I am so grateful for your program and resources to fight the good fight in my marriage! I not only have used them to smooth over rough edges in my own marriage…

Tracy from Connecticut

Dear Jimmy, My wife and I are in a series at our church right now. I have learned so much practical application. Thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord. God bless from Colorado!

Mike from Colorado

Your ministry continues to help us want to work intentionally to improve our marriage. We have done your Marriage on the Rock series and continue to see your ministry work in our 14 year marriage as we strive…

Scott M., Michigan

We are so glad we attended your Sex, Love & Communication seminar. We have been having problems and are currently in counseling. Your seminar confirmed the things we have done wrong and how we can move past those things. We are starting over fresh after renewing our vows. God is so good.

Tami, Kansas

Jimmy always offers timely reminders of what it is to have a Godly marriage. My husband and I are uplifted and encouraged every time we hear him speak, and motivated to make the necessary changes to improve the weak areas in our marriage.

Candice, Michigan

As someone who is not married yet believing God to be a good thing to her husband, I want to say thank you for the information you share as it will help me to one day be the best wife I can…

Mary from Ohio