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  • Jimmy Evans Pastors School – November 10-11, 2015

    Join Jimmy Evans, Robert Morris, Brady Boyd and Jimmy Witcher as they personally guide you through the principles that have driven growth in the most dynamic churches in America.

  • MarriageToday Workshop with Luis Roman – October 15, 2015

    El tener finanzas sanas en el hogar es esencial para tener una familia sana. El no tener estabilidad financiera nos lleva a la falta de confianza, conflicto e inestabilidad. En este taller aprenderás como tomar control de tu vida financiara y vivir una vida plena y prospera.

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Refesh The MarriageToday Blog

  • Apr 12 The Power of Vision for Your Marriage

    If God has a purpose for your marriage—and I believe He does—then vision is letting God reveal to you what that purpose is. It’s asking, “God, why did you put us together?” and listening for the answer…

  • Apr 5 How to Overcome Your Doubt

    Why does God allow me to suffer?
    Why doesn’t He answer my prayers?
    Why did God allow my loved one to die?…

  • About MarriageToday

    About MarriageToday

    No marriage is hopeless. That’s our foundational belief at MarriageToday, and we’ve seen it proven year after year as husbands and wives discover restoration for their troubled marriages. In fact, our founders, Jimmy and Karen Evans, have experienced this life-changing renewal firsthand. The early years of their own marriage were marked with conflict, resentment, and disappointment. Today, 35 years later, they share the principles that pulled them back from the brink of divorce and helped their marriage thrive.

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    about our mission, history, and hope for marriages…

  • About Quest

    About Quest

    Some marriages are subject to more intense pressures than others. Many, due to careers in ministry, law enforcement, or the military, are strained by duty and service. Others are stressed by financial hardship. The result can be a deficit of the time, energy, and resources that keep a relationship strong and healthy. Our solution to these challenges is Quest, which offers qualifying couples the tested, powerful tools of MarriageToday—including exclusive online video content—absolutely free. Consider it our investment in your future.

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    Access to Quest is granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Become a Rock Solid Partner

    Become a Rock Solid Partner

    Build the marriage of your dreams…and help us minister to others in the process! By becoming a Rock Solid Partner of MarriageToday, you’ll receive our proven monthly Dream Marriage resource—a collection of powerful teachings and insights about communication, finances, children, in-laws, sexuality, intimacy, and much more. Your partnership doesn’t just benefit us. Through this resource, it can improve your own marriage while giving us the ability to help others.

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